LifeSpring exists to reach people far from God, teach them to follow Jesus one step at a time, and send them on mission to reach and teach others.

Life-change starts in community. People who are far from God don’t deserve our condemnation or judgment- they deserve our love because we are all loved by God. That’s why we want you to be a part of  our community, because it’s in community that we learn how to follow Jesus, and as we follow Jesus, He changes us and sends us to reach others and teach them about the love we find in Him.

A difference that lasts

It’s about more than making someone’s day. It’s about seeing lives changed for eternity. That happens when people meet Jesus, and Jesus uses changed people to change their communities- in Smithfield and beyond.
Our Core Values

Go & Tell

Our primary mission as followers of Jesus is to give others a chance to respond to the Gospel.

Come & Serve

We believe those who make a difference are the ones who get in the game.

Belong & Grow

You can belong with us before you believe like us. It’s when you belong that you begin to grow.

We’re All In

We give of our time, talent, and treasure to see a lasting difference made in the lives of people in Smithfield and beyond.

We’re Not Done

There are no perfect people allowed.
Everyone has a next step.