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You Belong Here

From the beginning, LifeSpring Church has always been a family: one where you can belong, even before you believe.

That's the way Jesus did it. And we just don't think we can improve on Jesus.

After all: Jesus is the answer we're all looking for. It's in knowing Jesus that we experience the love we've always wanted and step into a family where we develop authentic, life-giving friendships that bring joy, care, and comfort to our lives. And it's through these relationships that we discover a deep sense of purpose we serve alongside each other and make a difference in our community- all for the glory of God.


Our mission is to give everyone opportunities to follow Jesus and become disciple-makers who live for God, love all people, and lead others to do the same.


The single most important question in your life is this: what do you believe about God? Whether you’re not sure what the answer to that question is or you’ve been following Jesus for years, every person is on a spiritual journey, and LifeSpring Church is here to walk with you each step of the way.

We believe church should be fun and that ministry should be creative and innovative. At the same time, our beliefs about God, His Word, and His Church are not original to us, but are centered on Jesus Christ and the Good News of the Gospel: That God the Father sent His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to live and die in our place so our sins could be forgiven, and that Jesus came back to life three days later so that through His life we could have new life in Him. READ MORE



Who is LifeSpring Church? We are people who are passionate about giving as many people as possible the opportunity to experience to love of Jesus and discover the new life found in Him.

There’s nothing better than being with Jesus: Jesus is the answer for our lives and He is everything we need. We connect with Him through His Word, experience His presence with the church, and go with Him to show His love to everyone we encounter and invite them into His family.

We’re all a work in progress:  We are not perfect people who have arrived. We are imperfect people who love Jesus and are in the process of being changed by Jesus.

We’re at our best together: The best life we could ever live is the one lived in authentic community with others, and the deepest impact we will ever make is when we work together to serve others.

The mission moves us beyond us: The Church doesn’t exist for us; we are the church and we exist for the world. People are our heart, and Jesus is our message. We love people unconditionally and we invest our lives in others, serving wholeheartedly and giving sacrificially so that lives are changed, our community is restored, and the message of the Gospel is heard throughout our community and beyond.

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