Earlier this year, we closed on the purchase of our facility for an only-God price of $425,000! This was a tremendous step for our church- but it’s not about a building. A building is only the vehicle for the mission. That’s why, during November and December, our For the One Campaign giving is going to be focused first on the advancement of the mission beyond our building and then great stewardship of our facility. During this season, we’re both protecting the mission and preparing for the future as we fulfill our mission commitments, fund our efforts to serve and reach our community, and prepare our facility for growth through our end of the year offering.

Fulfill mission commitments:
$12,000 will go towards the new churches we are investing in here in NC, including our first church plant, Township Church.Fund serving and reaching our community: $10,500 will go towards funding our continued efforts carried out in partnership with South Smithfield Elementary School and the Smithfield Police Department, investing in local organizations making a difference-such as the Smithfield Rescue Mission- which serves those coming out of addiction and homelessness, getting them back on their feet while giving them a place to call home, and Choices Pregnancy Center, which empowers moms with unexpected pregnancies with the resources they need to give their child the opportunity for the life God desires for them- and putting an invitation to LifeSpring in the hands of every household in Smithfield through a direct mail piece sometime in 2023.
Prepare our facility for growth: $20,500 will specifically be put towards the next steps in renovating the vacant end unit of our facility to create additional space for our elementary age children in LifeKids.To give towards “For the One: Christmas Offering 2023”, you may use cash in a special envelope, a check with “For the One: Christmas Offering” in the memo line, or online at lifespringnc.com/give and choose “For the One: Christmas Offering 2023” as the fund.

We’re at our best together, and your generosity is changing the game here in Smithfield and beyond for the Kingdom of God!