Starting February 9, 2023, We will read through and have group discussions about the book “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist “. As the title implies, we will quickly see there is quite a bit more evidence in support FOR the all powerful God of the Bible. This class will be open for anyone high school age and up. It will be a wonderful learning opportunity for anyone and especially for:

⁃ anyone who ho has been struggling with doubts about the existence of God or the reliability of the Bible
⁃ High school students planning on attending college, especially public universities
⁃ Those wanting to enhance their knowledge to better defend and explain their faith to others who are skeptical

“But in your hearts regard Christ the Lord as holy, ready at any time to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.”
1 Peter 3:15


Email [email protected] to sign up.