Be a Difference Maker

You were made to make a difference

God created you to impact the lives of others, and He has put you exactly where you are to make a difference where you live, work and play. There are few things that get us more excited than helping you discover your God-given purpose and potential to make a difference in the lives of people in a way that matters for all eternity.

Join a Team

One of the best ways to discover how God has wired you is to serve alongside others through the local church. To find out how you can join a team at LifeSpring, check out our next Starting Point Conversation on the second Sunday of the month.

Welcome to the Family

At LifeSpring, we have Partners instead of members because partners work together to accomplish the mission. To join our LifeSpring Family by becoming a Partner, check out our next Partnership Conversation on the fourth Sunday of the month.

Make Disciple-Makers

We’re called to live for God, love all people, and lead others to do the same. We learn how to be disciple-makers through our Multiply Groups. Click below to email us and find out how you can become a disciple maker.