New starts with knowing Jesus.

Following Jesus isn’t just about a new set of beliefs. It’s about a brand new life. A life that is completely different than the one we lived before Christ. One that is marked by the hope, joy, love, and peace as we accept the truth that Jesus, through His perfect life, death, and resurrection has made us right with God.

All we have to do to enter this new life is accept the gift God offers us in Christ.  It’s not something we can earn or achieve. It can only be received when we believe the Gospel- or the Good News-  by faith.

Why we need new life

We need new life for one simple reason: spiritually, we are born into this world dead. What makes us dead is the fact that we are born sinful.

What is sin?

Sin is both who we are, in that we have a nature prone to disobey God, and what we do, in that we do things God tells us not to do.

While we often don’t consider ourselves to be “bad” people, the truth is that, in light of an infinitely perfect and holy God, even “small” sins are infinitely wicked and evil. And, since is God is the perfect Judge, He must punish sin as the cosmic treason it is.

The penalty is death (Romans 6:23).

Unfortunately, since we are finite beings, even our death cannot completely cover our sin. And, since we are sinful, we are unable to remove our own sin (it’s like trying to clean up a stained shirt with a dirty rag. It won’t work). Even our best attempts to be good leave us short of God’s standard. The result is, if we die apart from having our sin paid for, we remain separated from God forever in hell.

But there’s Good News!

The Gospel- or the Good News- is this: Even though we cannot save ourselves, Jesus, the Son of God, came to earth and lived a perfect, sinless life in our place. Then, He died the death we should have died on the cross, and being both perfect God and perfect man His death perfectly paid for our sin past, present, and future. Because of Jesus death and resurrection, there is now a way for us to leave a life of spiritual death and step into eternal life (John 3:16).

Entering new life.

We don’t work to enter eternal life; it is not something we achieve. It is a gift we accept by faith (Ephesians 2:8-10).

We do that by believing Jesus did everything necessary to save us through His life, death, and resurrection, and then by giving Him control of our lives as Lord (Romans 10:9). When we do that, we become a part of God’s family and step into the brand new life Jesus offers as He starts to change us from that moment forward into who we already are in Him: pure, forgiven, redeemed, and empowered to be who He made us to be and do what He called us to do.

Celebrate your new life through baptism

Baptism is your first step after salvation. To learn more about baptism, click here.