Life Kids

birth-5th grade

A safe and fun environment

Every Sunday, children birth-5th grade experience fun, creative, age-appropriate Bible in a safe and secure environment. We’d love for your family to join the fun this coming Sunday as kids meet Jesus on their level!

Check in Procedure

LifeKids is located on the second floor in the Wilson Building. You can go through the lobby and follow our signs upstairs to the check in area. If you are using a stroller, drop by the VIP area and a volunteer will direct you to the elevator and to our kids check in area. We recommend arriving fifteen minutes early so you can get your child checked in.

Once you get to our check-in table, we will gather some information from you about your child. Because we value safety, we will ask you for information about your child’s known allergies and your cell phone number. We will text you in the event of an emergency. When you come back next week, just give your name or number to the check-in volunteer and it will be a breeze!

After recording your information, you will receive two name tags with the same number. Your child will need to wear their name tag during their time at LifeKids, and you will present your name tag to the room leader to pick your child up. Because safety is so important to us, we do not release a child unless we can match their tag with the corresponding guardian tag. We also background check each volunteer and have a campus safety volunteer in our kids area to make sure our kids are safe!

Not quite ready to bring your child in LifeKids?

We realize it can be intimidating for anyone to step into a brand new environment- and that's ok! You're more than welcome to bring your child into our Sunday Experience until your child- or you- are ready to bring your child into LifeKids. And we do believe that once they experience it, they'll be excited to come back the next week!

If, however, you are unsure about bringing your child to LifeKids, it's our goal to ensure your family has an excellent experience during your time with us! To that end, there are three simple ideas that we call "VCR" that will help you and your family enjoy your time at LifeSpring.

“V” is for “Volume”

We love loud music- which may be unsuitable for your child if they are 2 years old or younger. For the health and safety of your child, we recommend you not bring a child under 2 years old into our adult environment. If your child is agreeable to ear plugs, we have those available for you at Guest Services or as you enter our auditorium. If earplugs irritate your child, For moms we have a special room designed just for moms with children under two years old, located in our kids ministry area upstairs. You’ll see and hear the entire experience on HD TV- minus potentially harmful volume levels for your child.

“C” is for “Content”

Our pastors tailor their messages to an audience that is 6th grade and older. Sometimes we will talk about topics that young ears may not be ready to hear…which could lead to questions you’re not ready to answer ( For instance: “Mom, what does ‘sex’ mean?”)! This may be the Sunday that happens- which is the perfect time to have them check out LifeKids! They’ll understand the teaching…and there’ll be no awkward moments on the drive home.

“R” is for “Relationships”

One of the beautiful things about the local church is the relationships we form. One of the ways we develop those relationships is by being courteous and considerate of others. If your child becomes fussy or restless, please take them out of the auditorium until they are calmed down. Or, you can bring them to LifeKids. Our volunteers would love to serve you by giving you a break!

The Ride Home

We encourage parents to ask two questions of their children each week: “Did you have fun?” and “What did you learn?” It’s our goal that your child has a positive answer to that every week!

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