Who We Are

Why We Exist

We were created to live for something beautiful and glorious. Something that is far beyond our individual plans and wishes. Something that is so significant that it will last into eternity and beyond.

That’s exactly what happens when we live our lives for God instead of for ourselves. And the overflow of that is not dead religion or moral improvement. Instead, it's a life that is fully committed to showing the unconditional love of Jesus Christ to every man, woman, and child we encounter- and inviting them to experience that love so they too can show Jesus' love to those around them.

We sum it up like this: Live for God. Love all people. Lead others to do the same.

Where We're Going

The love of Jesus doesn’t just bring people to God. It unites people with other people across ethnic, class, and generational barriers. We’re on mission to be a Jesus-loving, community-unifying church in Smithfield that starts additional Jesus- loving, community-unifying churches in Johnston County and beyond.

How We're Getting There

We believe that "how" matters just as much as "why", so we live in a way that creates a culture that moves us towards where God is leading us as a church. We do this by embracing three mindsets that define who we are.

We’re all in all the time.

We go where Jesus tells us to go and do what He tells us to do- regardless of the cost

Make a difference
We're diverse and united.

We’re all different- and we love it! We believe differences are meant to be valued and appreciated.

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We’re Always on Mission

The greatest objective of our lives is to lead other people to know Jesus.

Discover the heartbeat of God