Be a difference maker

We believe that the people who make the greatest are the ones with the courage to step off of the sidelines and into the game. That’s why there’s so many great opportunities to serve here at LifeSpring. Whether you’re brand new to church and are just trying to figure this whole thing out, or you’ve been in church all you’re life, there’s an opportunity for you to start serving and change the game.

There's a Place for You!

Here's a brief description of our volunteer teams below

Load In/ Load Out

Help us unload the trailer, set up on Sunday morning, or help us put everything back after the Experience.

Guest Services

Love making people feel welcome? This is the spot for you!


Into the technical side of things, like audio, video, and lighting? Find a home here!


Sing or play an instrument? This is for you.


Love children? Look no further! We'd love to have you.

Campus Safety

Help make our Experience safe for all who attend.

Social Media/ Marketing

Always on social media? Can't put your phone down? You'll be a great part of our team!

High School/ Middle School Students

Want to influence the next generation of difference makers? We'd love you to be involved.

Ready to Jump In?

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Each team has its own unique prerequisites to serving. Indicate which team you'd like to be a part of and a team leader will be in touch with you on your next steps!

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