Tony & Aimee

Accepted As You Are

Before becoming a part of LifeSpring, Aimee described herself as "numb." She wasn't angry- but she also wasn't happy. Life just felt kind of gray.

At the beginning of 2016, she was attending Crossroads Church in Benson, NC. It was at that time that she first heard about LifeSpring, which was planned to launch in Smithfield in 2016. Soon after that, Pastor Dillon and his wife, Grace, approached Aimee about potentially being a part of the launch team- so she decided to check out a pre-launch gathering.

She also decided to bring a guest with her.

"I had just started seeing a guy around the same time the church was having meetings before the actual launch, so I figured it was something we could do together," she says.

As it turns out, that guy- Tony- would turn out to be her husband.

At that time in his life, Tony says his life was scattered. He would "act the part" on Sunday morning to convince people he had it all together, but in reality he wasn't yet a follower of Jesus and he would live however he wanted on the weekends- or during the week.

And then he began coming to LifeSpring with Aimee- and God began to work in both their lives.

Since coming to LifeSpring, both Aimee and Tony have come to know Jesus and been baptized. They are both involved in LifeSpring ministry to the next generation- Aimee with LifeKids and Tony with Encounter- and a LifeGroup.

Having those relationships, according to Aimee, has been key in God's work in her life. "Even though I face all types of issues every day," she says, "I am reminded that it’s all in God's plan and I know I have friends at LifeSpring I can always count on."

Relationships have also been crucial for Tony as well.

"I’ve had my personal battles and relationship battles," he says. "BUT having a mentor like Dillon has truly helped me. I'm truly trying to lead my family and be a better father and husband."

One of the best things about these relationships, Tony and Aimee would say, is that they were both accepted as they are.

"I like to tell my friends that LifeSpring is not like the type of church we grew up going to (we went to the same church), "Aimee says. "It doesn’t matter how you dress, what you’ve done, or what your praise/worship preferences are, everyone is accepted just as they are."

Tony adds: "This is a place that really welcomes ALL people with open arms. I truly feel its genuine and not just for front. LifeSpring really wants to exemplify that ALL ethnic groups should be get together to worship Christ."