Peru Mission Trip Interest Meeting

November 24, 2019 11:20 am

Make A Lasting Difference- Beyond Smithfield

You can make make a lasting difference in the lives of people thousands of miles from home through our partnership with full-time missionaries in Peru.

Located in the Andes Mountains of Southern Peru, the Castilla Province is filled with a rich history and cultural heritage.  Beauty is abundant in the many villages that fill this region, overlooking the mountain ranges of Peru.  However, in the midst of the beauty are people, marked by brokenness and hopelessness, in need.  The only lasting hope for the people of Southern Peru is Jesus, and a large portion of this region has little or even no access to individuals or a healthy church that offers them the true hope of the Gospel.

Our heart breaks for this- and we hope yours does as well.

We will have an interest meeting on Sunday, November 24th for anyone who is interested. Even if you aren’t sure you can go, we encourage you to attend the interest meeting- you never know what God may do in your heart! 

To find out more information please contact Pastor Mark Stevens.