Belonging Happens Here

We’re all searching for a place we can belong. Where people will love us just the way we are and where real relationships are developed across cultural barriers. That’s Jesus’ dream for His Church: where all of us are welcomed regardless of who we are, and as we belong in His Church, He transforms us into difference makers who show His love to the rest of the world.

We are #ForSmithfield

We want to be known for how much we love Smithfield. This means teachers are served, the hungry are fed, families are restored, the under-served are loved, addicts are set free. That happens when we join together in community with each other for the purpose of serving our community together.

Need Prayer?

We’ve all had times when we are overwhelmed by circumstances, questions, and doubt. You don’t have to journey through those seasons alone. We’re here for you, and we’d love to pray for you!